Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jessie in West Seattle

[Note: Jessie has been found.] Jessie is missing in West Seattle.  She ran off when frightened by a loud noise on October 20th from the area of Avalon and Genesee.  She was wearing a black bandana with clovers on it.  She has been seen several times on Admiral Way, Delridge Way, near the soccer fields, the golf course, and the park in the ravine north of Genesee.  The last confirmed sighting was on the 25th near the skate park at Genesee and Delridge.  A possible sighting on October 28th at 13th Ave and Barton could not be confirmed.  If you see her, do not approach her or try to catch her.  Please just keep her in your sight, from a distance, and call one of these numbers with as much detailed information as possible.  206-552-0304.  Jessie's owner will come to that location as quickly as she can and try to calm Jessie.  Please consider printing out a few copies of the flier below, to give to people you know in the area.  You can also email the flier to friends and colleagues who live or work in the area, or share a link to this page on Facebook.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lulu in Ballard

(Note:  Lulu was found several miles away.  It appears she hopped into a work vehicle and was accidentally transported out of the neighborhood.  She was taken to the vet, where her chip was scanned.) Lulu has been missing since 9/26 in the area of 96th Street and 27th Ave NW in Ballard.  She is normally very friendly, but she may be hiding in your yard or under your deck due to a frightening experience.  She has a microchip.  Please call 206-552-0304 if you have seen her at any time since the 26th.  Also, please consider sharing this web page by email and on Facebook.  If you live or work in the area, you can print out the flier below to hand out in the area.  Your help is greatly appreciated.