Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sasha Lost in Shoreline

[Note: Sasha has been found after being gone 19 days.  She looked well-fed, as if she had been living with someone the entire 19 days.  She probably escaped that person's yard, and was found again.  The kind people who found her the second time posted an ad on Craigslist.  Sasha had lost the tag that had her local phone number.  At first, we weren't sure if the found Husky was Sasha, but the finder looked at the picture below and was certain it was her.  She was found in Allentown, Tukwila, 21 miles from her Shoreline home.] 

Sasha is a Siberian Husky mix, three years old, usually very friendly.  She disappeared from her yard on Thursday, November 15th, near Greenwood Ave N. and N. 155th St.  She is 45 to 50 pounds, with a collar and tags.  Please call Three Retrievers at 206-552-0304 if you have seen her at any time since 11/15.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Found Bichon Frise in Burien

This small dog was running up and down the 509 freeway in Burien before Three Retrievers caught him in a humane trap.  He had been seen in the area of Des Moines Way and S. 168th St. for at least two days.  If he is your dog, or you know where he lives, please call Three Retrievers at 206-552-0304, or email .  Please consider printing out the flier below and giving it to a pet store or a veterinary office near you in the Seattle and South King County area.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daisy Lost in Tacoma

 Daisy is a skittish young dog saved from neglect at a puppy mill in Eastern Washington.  The bottom picture shows how she looked before being rescued by the Forget Me Not shelter in Republic, WA.  They cleaned her up, had her spayed, and adopted her out with another dog from the same group, Balzac.  The male dog is more confident and social, and it was hoped that keeping Daisy with him would help her relax and adapt.

Two days after arriving at their new home in Tacoma, Daisy and Balzac escaped the fenced yard.  Balzac, being better with people, was picked up by a dog lover and taken to the Tacoma Humane Society and returned home.  Daisy may have been hiding in the bushes nearby at the time, but they didn't know she was there.  Another likely scenario is that Daisy never left the neighborhood and is still hiding somewhere near North Washington and North 37th St.  If you see Daisy, do not approach her.  Please just call 206-552-0304 right away.  We will bring Balzac to the area she is located to draw her out of hiding.  She escaped from the area of North 39th Street and North Proctor Street in Tacoma, between downtown and Point Defiance.  She is likely hiding in the woods, under a deck, or under a shed.  Please keep an eye out for her and call us right away.  Do not approach her or call her name.  It may help us find her if you could share this web page, or share the flier below.  Thank you.

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