Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bruno Lost in Seattle

Bruno's Facebook page.  Update:  Bruno has been found, and is home, safe. 
Bruno came from a hoarding situation, and has many issues to deal with.  He is blind in one eye, has diminished hearing, and is missing some teeth.  He is very skittish, and will bolt when there doesn't even seem to be a reason.  He ran away at 3 PM on Easter Sunday, running several blocks.  He was last seen near Cal Anderson Park at E. Olive and 11th Ave E.  If you see him, please don't chase him.  Please call us with his current location.  He is wearing a green and gray sweater and a blue harness.  He is food motivated, so you may be able to keep him in one place if you drop food in a safe area and back away.  Please call Three Retrievers at 206-552-0304 right away if you see him, or if you have seen him at any time since he escaped. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oban Missing in Bellevue

Update:  Oban has been found!  He is very thin, but expected to recover.

Oban has been missing in Bellevue since February 2nd.  Please share his Facebook page.  He accidentally got out of the car, he was struck by another car, and he ran off.  He has apparently been sighted as recently as March 27th, near 150th Ave SE and SE 38th St. in Eastgate.  He is very thin.  If you see him, it is important that you do NOT try to catch him.  Ignore him.  Drop some food in a safe location.  Then call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  I can set a humane trap for him, or capture him with other techniques.  The important thing is to get him to stay in one place.  Please call with any sightings of Oban in the last two months.  Even old sightings can help us establish his behavior and travel patterns. Please print out this flier for Oban if you will be in the area.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dolly lost in Burien

Update:  Dolly is now safe at home.  Thank you everyone for looking.
Dolly is missing near Seahurst Park in Burien.  Please call 206-552-0304 if you have seen her at any time since she escaped at 5 PM on 3/20.  Please share Dolly's Facebook page

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pondo Missing on Capitol Hill

Update:  Pondo is at the Seattle Animal Shelter, just waiting to be bailed out.

Pondo escaped a yard on Capitol Hill, where he was staying with a friend.  Please share Pondo's Facebook page.  Within minutes, he was picked up by a woman at the gas station at Broadway and Roy.  That woman called the number on Pondo's tag, but unfortunately it is an old number.  Hopefully, whoever has Pondo is still working on getting him home, but we need your help to get her attention and reunite Pondo with his family.  Pondo does not have a microchip.  There is a chance that the woman who has Pondo might be reluctant to take him to the shelter.

Pondo is 15 years old, and he has lived with his current owner for all of those fifteen years.  He needed to stay at a friends house for a while.  Pondo is very friendly.  There is always the possibility that he escaped from the woman who picked him up, so certainly be on the lookout for him anywhere in Seattle. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making lost pet fliers interactive

This post shows an example of a blog post, a Facebook page, and a flier that are all linked to each other.  The flier links you to the blog post, which links you to the Facebook page.  The Facebook page has flier you can print out, and it links you to the blog post.  Why would you do this?  In many cases, after you have printed out your fliers and distributed them, you will gain important new information.  When the fliers direct people to the internet, they can get the most current updates, including maps, pictures, and recent sightings.  Also, people can share your information more easily when they have several avenues to share it.  They can copy the flier and hand it out.  They can share one of the links, or post it on their Facebook pages.  The following are step by step instructions for making these fliers.  You can certainly make changes to suit your needs.  You might like to include a twitter link, or some other social media. 

1.  Start a blog page.  You won't be finished with the blog page until you've set up your flier and your Facebook page, but you need to start it so that you will have an address to share.  Go to and follow the instructions for setting up a blog.  Some people prefer wordpress, but my computer freaks out when I try it.  The same general principles would apply to wordpress, I would imagine.  At blogger, once your blog is established, copy the address for the blog or for the specific page.  In this case, I will be using the address for this blog entry, rather than the address for the whole blog. I get:

2.  Make a QR code.  I use but there are many QR generators you could use.  Paste the address for your blog entry into the box, and press enter.  You should be presented with a QR code that looks like this:
Save the code you have generated, and test it if you can.  If you have a smart phone, scan the code and make sure it leads you to the blog page.  If you don't have an app for scanning qr codes, you can easily download one for free.  I have had the best luck with QRReader.  If your code doesn't work, make sure that the http:// part of the address didn't get repeated when you entered it into the box.  When you have a functional QR code saved on your computer, it's on to step three.

3.  Make a Facebook page.  You probably know how to do this.  If you don't, just Google, "How to make a facebook page".  Or go here:  Choose "Cause or Community" as the type of page you will create.  Follow the steps, and you should have a new Facebook page in just a few minutes.  You will end up with an address like this:
Your Facebook page should include a link to your blog page.  You would post this in the About area.  You can also post a link in your timeline.  Once your Facebook page is started, copy the address so you can paste it into your blog page.  Make sure you copy the shortest possible address, like the one above.  Depending on what you were doing, you may have an address with some extra characters added.  Click on one of the many links you see that leads to your page, and you should see an address in the address bar without the extra characters.  I'm not explaining this very well, but hopefully you will figure it out.

4.  Edit your blog page to show the Facebook page link near the top.  To do this, you go to your blog, sign in, choose Edit, and insert the link near the beginning of your post. Now you have a Facebook page and a blog page that are linked to each other.  Test your links and make sure they work properly.  If your pages are a little rough, that's okay.  You can fine tune them later.  What you want for now is to have fixed addresses you can use as links.

5.  Create your flier.  Using a word processing application or a photo editing program, you will gather your QR code and other information and pictures into a flier for distribution.  When you are done with your flier, save it in various formats, such as Word (.docx), PDF, and JPEG.  You will want a JPG version of your flier to share it on your blog page and your Facebook page the easiest.  Making the flier should not be too difficult.  Saving it as a JPEG can be a little tricky.  This page tells you how to use the Snipping Tool in Word.  I open the PDF version on my iPhone, and take a screen shot.  You could print out your flier and then scan it or take a picture of it.  There are a dozen ways to do this, and none of them are exactly convenient or straightforward.  In the end you should have something like this:

6.  Test all your links, fine tune your flier, update your blog, update your Facebook page.  It took me an hour to do this, even though this is about the fiftieth time I have made one of the interactive fliers.  Once you have it set up, it should just take you a few minutes now and then to update the information.

7.  Share.  Once you are confident all the links and the QR code are working properly, share it with your Facebook friends.  If craigslist is a popular area for posting about lost pets where you live, create a craigslist ad for your lost pet, and be sure to include links to your blog page and your Facebook page.  Quite often, there will be a local blog that usually shares notices of lost pets.

If you have any questions about this process, call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  You can also post your questions on the Facebook page associated with this blog post.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bella lost in West Seattle

Update:  Bella has been found!
Bella's Facebook page, please share.  
Bella has been missing in the Highland Park neighborhood of West Seattle since Thursday evening, March 7th.  She is 5 years old, about fifteen pounds, and very friendly with people and dogs.  She was not wearing a collar at the time of her escape.  If you have seen her at any time since the 7th, please call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pedro lost in Seattle

Update:  Pedro has been found.  He is home, safe and healthy. 

Please share Pedro's Facebook page.  Pedro has been missing in the area of Washington Middle School since March 4th.  He had just arrived at his new home, but when the woman who adopted him opened the car door, Pedro bolted, for no particular reason.  He ran off dragging a red leash.  Kelsy (the search dog) followed his scent trail today, shown on the map below.
That scent trail hit a dead end for one of several reasons.  A, Pedro might have been picked up at that point, B, he could have squeezed through the fence where we couldn't follow, or C, he doubled back the way we came, and Kelsy and I missed the branch trail he took.

Pedro was seen today, 3/6, at 19th and Jefferson, which is five blocks north.  If you see him, please call Saving Great Animals at 415-867-0146, or call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  Don't chase him, or try to catch him.  If you can keep him in the area by "accidentally" dropping some food, that would be great.