Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pondo Missing on Capitol Hill

Update:  Pondo is at the Seattle Animal Shelter, just waiting to be bailed out.

Pondo escaped a yard on Capitol Hill, where he was staying with a friend.  Please share Pondo's Facebook page.  Within minutes, he was picked up by a woman at the gas station at Broadway and Roy.  That woman called the number on Pondo's tag, but unfortunately it is an old number.  Hopefully, whoever has Pondo is still working on getting him home, but we need your help to get her attention and reunite Pondo with his family.  Pondo does not have a microchip.  There is a chance that the woman who has Pondo might be reluctant to take him to the shelter.

Pondo is 15 years old, and he has lived with his current owner for all of those fifteen years.  He needed to stay at a friends house for a while.  Pondo is very friendly.  There is always the possibility that he escaped from the woman who picked him up, so certainly be on the lookout for him anywhere in Seattle. 

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