Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oban Missing in Bellevue

Update:  Oban has been found!  He is very thin, but expected to recover.

Oban has been missing in Bellevue since February 2nd.  Please share his Facebook page.  He accidentally got out of the car, he was struck by another car, and he ran off.  He has apparently been sighted as recently as March 27th, near 150th Ave SE and SE 38th St. in Eastgate.  He is very thin.  If you see him, it is important that you do NOT try to catch him.  Ignore him.  Drop some food in a safe location.  Then call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  I can set a humane trap for him, or capture him with other techniques.  The important thing is to get him to stay in one place.  Please call with any sightings of Oban in the last two months.  Even old sightings can help us establish his behavior and travel patterns. Please print out this flier for Oban if you will be in the area.

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