Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pedro lost in Seattle

Update:  Pedro has been found.  He is home, safe and healthy. 

Please share Pedro's Facebook page.  Pedro has been missing in the area of Washington Middle School since March 4th.  He had just arrived at his new home, but when the woman who adopted him opened the car door, Pedro bolted, for no particular reason.  He ran off dragging a red leash.  Kelsy (the search dog) followed his scent trail today, shown on the map below.
That scent trail hit a dead end for one of several reasons.  A, Pedro might have been picked up at that point, B, he could have squeezed through the fence where we couldn't follow, or C, he doubled back the way we came, and Kelsy and I missed the branch trail he took.

Pedro was seen today, 3/6, at 19th and Jefferson, which is five blocks north.  If you see him, please call Saving Great Animals at 415-867-0146, or call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  Don't chase him, or try to catch him.  If you can keep him in the area by "accidentally" dropping some food, that would be great. 

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