Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dolly lost in Burien

Update:  Dolly is now safe at home.  Thank you everyone for looking.
Dolly is missing near Seahurst Park in Burien.  Please call 206-552-0304 if you have seen her at any time since she escaped at 5 PM on 3/20.  Please share Dolly's Facebook page

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  1. I posted on the facebook page.I believe I saw dolly around 820PM friday night running south near the corner of Thisle and Delridge way sw.I stopped as she ran past me. she seemed as though she was just sniffing around.She came back to me then ran to a couple of guys coming out of a apartment.I assumed it belonged to them.I was on my way to work so I couldnt pick her up.I remember the pink collar and the golden brown color.But it was dark. The apt adress is probably 8300 or so.I'll check in a couple of hours when I get off work.