Monday, January 28, 2013

Joy Lost in Ballard

Joy's Facebook Page
Update:  Joy has been found!
Joy recently came to Seattle from an LA shelter to her new home in Ballard on Thursday.  She pushed out a board in the fence on Sunday, near 65th and 18th Ave NW, and she was seen running near 62nd and 8th.  She was seen Monday morning, 1/28, at 15th Ave NW and 92nd Street.  If you see her, do not approach her, or try to catch her.  Please just call Tracy at 206-xxx-xxxx, or call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  She is spayed, about 40 to 50 pounds, and very skittish around people.  She likes dogs.  If she comes up to your dog, please walk your dog to a nearby safe spot in hopes that Joy will follow, and call Tracy while keeping track of Joy's location, if possible.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mandy Lost in Kirkland

Mandy's Facebook page. 

Update 1/25:  Mandy is home!  We got a call at 7:30 this morning that Mandy was seen a couple of blocks from the crash site.  Volunteers went to the area as fast as they could.  After a couple of hours of searching carefully, Mandy was spotted again.  She ended up in someone's fenced back yard, exhausted and defeated.  The volunteers stayed back.  Mandy's owner, Earl, and her sister, Lady, came to that back yard, and Mandy came out to them.  Mandy lost 12 pounds in two weeks and was a little dehydrated.  She will make a full recovery.  Dozens of volunteers searched the area, and hundreds of others helped spread the word about Mandy through social media.  The fact that everyone in the area knew about Mandy greatly facilitated her recovery.  

Update 1/21:  We have a reported sighting of Mandy on Sunday afternoon, 1/20, at 90th and 138th Place.  She ran through a yard to the street behind, 91st Place.   This is not far from the sighting at 84th and 136th a few days ago. 

Mandy has been missing since January 11th when the car she was in crashed into a gas station and caught fire at 141st and Juanita Drive at the Kirkland/Kenmore border.  At that time, she was seen running toward St. Edwards State Park and Bastyr University.  On Saturday, she may have been seen where 143rd meets 145th, just a few blocks from the gas station.  On Tuesday, the 15th, she may have been seen at 141st and 83rd, just a few blocks east of the crash site.

One of Mandy's owners died of a sudden illness at Christmas, and the other owner is elderly and recovering from the crash.  Mandy's surviving owner is relying on the community to help locate her.  If you see Mandy, it is very important that you NOT try to catch her, or call her name.  Once Mandy is located, her owner can come to that location with Mandy's sister, and they can patiently coax Mandy to them.  If anyone tries to capture Mandy, it could drive her out of the area and make her harder to locate again.

Please share a link to this web page, and share the flier below.  If you are able to assist with searching in Kirkland and Kenmore, please contact me at 206-552-0304.  Missing Pet Partnership is also helping with this search, and you can contact them at 253-529-3999.