Monday, January 28, 2013

Joy Lost in Ballard

Joy's Facebook Page
Update:  Joy has been found!
Joy recently came to Seattle from an LA shelter to her new home in Ballard on Thursday.  She pushed out a board in the fence on Sunday, near 65th and 18th Ave NW, and she was seen running near 62nd and 8th.  She was seen Monday morning, 1/28, at 15th Ave NW and 92nd Street.  If you see her, do not approach her, or try to catch her.  Please just call Tracy at 206-xxx-xxxx, or call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue at 206-552-0304.  She is spayed, about 40 to 50 pounds, and very skittish around people.  She likes dogs.  If she comes up to your dog, please walk your dog to a nearby safe spot in hopes that Joy will follow, and call Tracy while keeping track of Joy's location, if possible.  

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