Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lola Lost in North Seattle

Update:  Lola went into the trap on Sunday, May 5th.  She weighs 41 pounds when she should probably weigh 60.  She did not have a microchip or collar.  The vet says she should be fine after a little rest and food.  
Lola probably isn't her real name. It's just one I gave her to call her something. She is running around near 15th Ave NE and NE 125th St. A humane trap has been set. Please post to her Facebook page any sightings of her, so we can map her movements and work out a better rescue plan. Also, if you happen to know where she belongs, please post that. If you would like to help bring her to safety, volunteers will be needed for monitoring the trap. Please DO NOT CHASE her. I had her eating out of my hand last night. I think I can gain her trust if I have time. Every time someone tries to catch her, it makes it harder.  Please call Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue if you have any information that might help bring Lola to safety. 206-552-0304.

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