Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday search for Lucas

Kelsy searched for Lucas today.  The scent trail looped back around, and did not seem to cross 116th, the busy main street.  We got a sighting from Friday afternoon, and started Kelsy from that point.  It led into the woods, on a long dead-end trail.  Lucas wouldn't have known it was a dead end when he started down it.

Another reported sighting came in about 2:00 Sunday afternoon, that Lucas was seen a block north of the Chevron at 116th and Kent Kangley Road.  It took us a long time to verify the information, and Kelsy was not able to work out the scent trail from the point of the sighting.  It was getting hot by that time, and Kelsy was getting tired.  When she has to pant to stay cool, it makes it harder to work the scent trail.  We are hoping for a fresh sighting.  At least we know that Lucas is getting around and being seen.  The key is to get the attention of those people who have seen him.  Getting the word out about Lucas could make a big difference.

 Kelsy started her first search at 116th and 269th, going south, then east, then north, then west, in a loop.  We hit private property where we were unable to get permission to continue the search.  Then we got a reported sighting of where Lucas was at 2 PM Friday.

They described him exactly, and the people who saw Lucas were able to pinpoint where he went, so Kelsy could start at the exact spot.  Kelsy started at 120th and 274th, and followed the scent trail south, into a park.  This time the scent trail was literally a dead end.  This long trail into the woods just ended, with no way out but the way we came.  Lucas wouldn't have know or cared that it was a dead end when he went in.

Around 2 PM, we got a call that Lucas had been seen ten minutes ago.  I started Kelsy on the scent trail from where we thought the caller was describing.  As Kelsy ran this scent trail into the wind, I think Kelsy was actually working it backwards.  The scent became weaker as Kelsy continued south, into a park.  At that point, she was hot and tired, so I couldn't work her any more.  We never could get an exact description of where Lucas was sighted.  Hopefully, we will continue to get new reports. 

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