Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lucas in Kent 20120922

Lucas escaped a fenced yard in Kent on 9/21/2012.  Lucas is about 4 years old.  He was found by a vet tech by the side of the road, apparently hit by a car, in early September.  The previous owner told the vet he didn't want Lucas, didn't want to spend any money on him, and that the vet should euthanize Lucas.  The vet performed surgery and Lucas recovered well in the past two weeks.  He went to his new home on the 20th.  On the 21st, he escaped through an unknown defect in the fence.  He was last seen headed west at 116th SE and SE 270th.

At 53 pounds, Lucas is underweight.  With just three legs, staples at the surgery site, and vision in only one eye, Lucas needs help getting home quickly.  Please call 206-552-0304 if you can help with physical searches, making signs, handing out fliers, or other tasks.  You can also email
If you live or work in the area, you can print out a few copies of the flier below to share with your neighbors or coworkers.  Also share Lucas's this web page on Facebook, please.
You can find a Facebook page for Lucas here:
More pictures of Lucas.

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